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Comprehensive Workloading and Inspections Software for the Cleaning Industry

Tighten Cost Control without Sacrificing Quality or Morale Increase Customer Satisfaction Automate and Simplify Routine Tasks   Increase Employee Morale and Effectiveness
Implement and measure against APPA Custodial Staffing Guidelines for Educations Facilities - 2nd Editions and five levels of cleanliness
Identify facilities, sections, areas and tasks with the highest labor costs and lowest productivity
Analyze the impact of changes to the cleaning schedule on costs, productivity, workloads
Determine the labor and dollar impact of unscheduled events (special requests, spills, etc.) on your budget
Give your customers web access to work orders, inspections and related reports, improving communication and transparency
Clarify expectations with building occupants by sharing tasks schedules and how the cleaning program is working
Ensure timely and satisfied response to customers.
Provide easy to read reports and graphs showing cleaning quality, performance trends, follow up on work orders and more...
Perform inspections on a PDA or via the web on an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Netbook.
Create a perpetual cleaning plan and project schedule
Create training manuals and organize all employee information in one location
Track supplies cost, usages and order needs and maintain equipment inventory and repair history
Ensure balanced workloads across employees in daily schedules
Identify individual and departmental training needs
Create step-change quality gains by establishing objective cleaning criteria, identifying corrective actions and process improvements, and tracking performance
Reports and graphs provide documentation for ISO 9001:2008
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Play Cleaning Management 3 Minute Video
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